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Alex + Maria: Brazil to New York


Alex and Maria are two of the sweetest people I've met! I first worked with Alex when he was signed to Adam Models. Now he's signed to MSA and his gorgeous girlfriend is now his fiancé! He mentioned Maria wanted to shoot with me after seeing the shots he and I had taken and of course I wanted to photograph her! It took a few attempts, but it finally happened and I remember the entire shoot I kept asking Alex if/when he was going to propose because they have been together for 7 years! Well he proposed and she said yes and I'm so glad I was able to snap these photos pre-engagement!

Dana + Erik: New York City Styled Shoot


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These two yogis and fitness junkies are awesome! Erik and I met in California at the Wilhelmina holiday party, so of course when we were both in New York, we had to connect! He invited Dana to make the shoot even more fun. They're extremely flexible and thankfully have really strong cores because balance was key for a majority of this shoot. Erik is crazy for some of the poses he did on the edge of the roof! They both absolutely killed it, so I'll just let the photos do the talking!

Kayla + Monte: Central Park Anniversary Session



OK! I straight up love these two! I feel so blessed to have met them and to be a part of this anniversary picnic in Central Park. It was nothing short of perfect. Could you even tell it was 90 degrees? We were all sweating... TMI?

Meeting these two was a whirlwind. I first spotted them in November 2014 when Monte was photographing Kayla for her blog on Bedford. His beard at the time was MASSIVE, so he was hard to miss. I mean they're honestly hard to miss with their killer style. The friend I was with mentioned wanting to work with them, so I told him to go up and talk to them (because even I was too nervous to strike up a conversation). He shook his head no and we kept walking, assuming we'd never see them again...

Flash forward a couple of days and I was at Nu New York helping with a small piece for their social media. Can you guess who the model was? Kayla and Monte showed up and of course I went straight to telling them how I had spotted them and wanted to chat with them, so this was beyond awesome to get to meet and work with them! They were both so kind and kept saying I should have come up! (TIP: Always always always!! just do it. Don't be afraid. You'll regret it if you don't and things like this may not happen every time) The funniest part of the entire day was Monte and I were wearing the exact same outfit

Unfortunately, I met them on the last leg of my first solo trip in New York, so I couldn't plan an actual shoot out. BUT we met up 8 months later for a couple of shoots! I shot with Kayla on her own (view here) and the two of them together in celebration of their anniversary. Enjoy these cuties!!