Photo by Valerie Metz

Just a Jesus lovin’ photo gal who always has her bags packed.

HI GUYS! I'm Kara & I am so glad you're here!

If you love Friends and How I Met Your Mother, we’re basically soulmates. But wait, you’ve found your soulmate, so maybe we can be bracelet buddies? I’m a mix of Chandler Bing and Phoebe Buffay while also channeling my inner Lily. Almost every real life moment makes me think of an episode of Friends.

Besides being Friends and HIMYM obsessed, I’m a Jesus loving, in the car singing, coffeeshop going, Coca Cola drinking, food obsessed, nonstop traveler. I wish I could be the third Gilmore Girl. While I don’t drink nearly as much coffee as they do, I spend almost as much time in coffeeshops, can eat as much junk food as they do and am sarcastic as heck (get it from my dad!).


  1. I’m a jet setter - catch me on a plane living off emergen-C!

  2. You’ll likely find me drinking a chai and deep in editing with my other wedding photographer friends.

  3. I was born in Guatemala and am adopted.

  4. If you see me in traffic, I’m probably belting out a song from Hamilton or A Star is Born.

  5. I love all food including pizza, sushi, donuts and Thai. I’ll definitely drink a Coca Cola at your wedding and probably will grab In N Out after your wedding even if you fed me well.

The words I use to describe my photography style are:

LIFESTYLE            CANDID            RAW            REAL

I specialize in lifestyle photography and capture real, raw, once in a lifetime moments. My main goal is to capture and tell a story, which means a majority of the photos I take are candid, rarely posed and unforced. My goal is for you to enjoy your day and love these photos for years to come. I never want you to look back and think “all we did was take photos!”

It is such a joy to tell a couple's story from start to finish and capturing all the natural, candid moments that mean the most to you.

If this all sounds rad to you, fill out the contact form & let's set a time to chat more about your photography needs!