Photo by Roxy Rodriguez

Just a Jesus lovin’ photo gal who always has her bags packed.

HI GUYS! I'm Kara & I am so glad you're here! Thanks for stopping by! 

I'm a photographer based in Southern California and New York City. I LOVE to travel and I'm always ready to add a new destination on the map. I first discovered my true passion for photography while traveling to Israel, Egypt and Jordan with my dad in 2006.

New York City and Southern California describe me well. I'm 100% a California girl - can't stand the cold (although it's growing on me and I own a lot more winter clothes than I did 2 years ago) and love spending my mornings drinking Bear Coast Coffee while walking the San Clemente Pier. When it comes to NY, it's pure love! I love wandering the city or spending the day reading and people watching in Washington Square Park + there are so many coffeeshops and restaurants to try! One of my favorite parts about New York is I can go to the city with hardly any plans then wind up with a full schedule, which I hope encourages you to contact me even if it's at the last minute because I always do my best to accommodate everyone.

The words I use to describe my photography style are:

LIFESTYLE            CANDID            RAW            REAL

I specialize in lifestyle photography and strive to capture real, raw, once in a lifetime moments. My main goal is to capture and tell a story, which means a majority of the photos I take are candid, rarely posed and unforced. 

It is such a joy to tell a couple's story from start to finish and capturing all the natural, candid moments that mean the most to you.

If this all sounds rad to you, fill out the contact form & let's set a time to grab coffee (or tea) to chat more about your photography needs!