Jeremy + Lizette: Hip Venice Beach Elopement


 second shot for  Nicole Leever

second shot for Nicole Leever

Okay I know Venice is cool, but hot dang these two make Venice COOL! It was actually super hot this day and they were 10000% on fiiiire, but they rocked it. Lizette loves Sam Smith, so we spent the day searching for him along Abbot Kinney. We did run into Sam Claflin, who I totally made eye contact with and shortly after tripped while holding Lizette's bouquet and texting my mom to tell her I saw him haha! Thankfully the bouquet was fine and I only had a scraped knee ha! Enjoy these ridiculously hip couple!

Cameron + Shelby: San Clemente In Home Engagement Session


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Dream friends make dream couple make dream clients! UGH all the goals! After a very unfortunate situation where my Valentine's Day shoot was canceled, I wound up making an even better come back with my friends Cameron and Shelby. Cameron and I had recently reconnected and I mentioned the situation while asking if he and his fiancé might be down for a similar shoot. Shelby had never modeled, but was down to try to help me and oh my word, let's be real she was probably better at modeling than Cameron (who was a professional model when he and I first met). We shot at their home in San Clemente then went down to Ole Hanson and shot by the beach. So so so thankful for friends like these who not only exceeded my expectations. but also were just so real and truly let me into their lives.

Bryan + Georgia: The Casino San Clemente Wedding



B + G got married at The Casino in San Clemente and it was a dream! It was a triple header weekend for me, so I was worried their wedding day might be a rough one. I made sure to stay hydrated all weekend, so their wedding day was as smooth as can be! They're such an easy couple to work with plus they hired an awesome coordinator, Dee of Cheerful Occasions who made the day run smooth for everyone. AND they were so so fun to be around - look out for all their extra fun photos, which make for great photos and good guest appeal!


Kristen + Seth: DTLA Couple Session



Do you ever feel like you have no days off? I mean honestly that's me every dang day. As a business owner and a freelancer, I work for myself, so I make my own hours, but honestly a lot of the time it feels like I'm ALWAYS working! Kristen and Seth 100% understand the struggle of work/life balance. We took the day to focus on them and what their day to day looks like. While they both are constantly traveling, working, emailing, etc - they often get to do it together, which is awesome! That's exactly what you want in a relationship. They do definitely spend a lot of time apart as well, but they make it work and do their best to maintain a work/life balance. We spent most of the day wandering around DTLA, specifically the arts district, but we also made it back to West Hollywood for some good shots! Enjoy!