Weho Photographer

Kristen + Seth: DTLA Couple Session



Do you ever feel like you have no days off? I mean honestly that's me every dang day. As a business owner and a freelancer, I work for myself, so I make my own hours, but honestly a lot of the time it feels like I'm ALWAYS working! Kristen and Seth 100% understand the struggle of work/life balance. We took the day to focus on them and what their day to day looks like. While they both are constantly traveling, working, emailing, etc - they often get to do it together, which is awesome! That's exactly what you want in a relationship. They do definitely spend a lot of time apart as well, but they make it work and do their best to maintain a work/life balance. We spent most of the day wandering around DTLA, specifically the arts district, but we also made it back to West Hollywood for some good shots! Enjoy!