Doug + Kendall: Wilson Creek Winery Engagement Session


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Part one of Doug and Kendall’s engagement session was wine filled! I didn’t know too much about them prior to their shoot other than the fact that they had attended a wedding I second shot. My friend Alexa sent them my way because she was booked on their wedding date. I quickly learned these two love to end a day with a glass of wine and Doug grew up in Temecula, so it only made sense to meet up at a winery. Wilson Creek has a pretty strict closing time, which meant shooting a lot earlier than I normally would like to. We didn’t get much of that golden light, but thankfully we were able to find the little bit of shade.

Karissa + Eric: Villa De Amore Vineyard Wedding


second shot for  Nicole Leever

second shot for Nicole Leever

It's always a blast second shoot for Nicole and this Temecula vineyard wedding was nothing short of awesome. Karissa and Eric have been guests at a few of the weddings I've shot with Nicole, so I instantly recognized them and was totally comfortable around them. They're such a sweet and thoughtful couple who clearly love each other. They shared special moments together from their first look to Eric reading the note Karissa left him to hanging out with their wedding party.

Chris + Colleen: Ponte Winery Temecula Wedding


second shot for  Nicole Leever

second shot for Nicole Leever

I swear, Nicole gets the sweetest couples! Chris and Colleen were so fun to be around plus they had an awesome wedding party! The guys were easy to work with, which is who I spent most of the time with. Everyone was hyped up and ready to celebrate the beautiful couple. Chris + Colleen are a dream to photograph, so enjoy!!


Alyssa + Dean: Lake Oak Meadows Wedding


Second shot for  Nicole Leever

Second shot for Nicole Leever

This was a family wedding for Nicole and I felt honored she asked me to accompany her. Alyssa and Dean were so sweet and so in love! They got ready in separate rooms, but as soon as they were ready, they did a first look. It was magical. They shared a moment together to laugh, cry, and read vows. I covered the rest of the day as well, but shot on Nicole's cards. Although it's not a full wedding, these were some of my favorite moments.


Chad + Jessie: Lake Oak Meadows Temecula Wedding



It's been a busy couple of months! September and October were beyond packed with weddings and portrait sessions, but I'm happy to say my wedding season is done until December 22nd.

Chad + Jessie are one of the sweetest and welcoming couples. They are so fun to be around. They love the Lord and His love shined throughout the entire day. It was a bit of a gloomy and rainy day, which is a nice change from the hot Temecula days. It started sprinkling right as it was time for ceremony, but cleared up just long enough for the two to get married. It was a perfect day! Enjoy!